Who is Jgonzo

Jeremy Gonzalez, AKA Jgonzo, has been called a Christian CHR authority by R&R magazine. For the last several years he has programmed KTWY in Washington State. He and a talented team of industry professionals are taking on the task of creating the 1st weekly CHR countdown show in the Christian market. Jgonzo is taking his love of Christian music and his desire to see Christian media excel to a new venue.

"During his stint at KTWY, Jeremy Gonzalez proved he's got what it takes to program great CHR/Top 40 radio. By keeping his ear to the streets he's stayed on top of his game providing listeners with innovative programming that's fresh and relevant to culture today." Ken Farley, Director/ Promotions. ForeFront Records.

"I feel like this is a need in the Christian music industry," says Gonzalez, "It's a natural progression to continue stretching Christian media and take it to a new level like I did with Wayfm(KTWY)."

While Gonzalez was at Wayfm he received critical praise from industry leaders all over the country. KTWY left its mark on Christian radio in the late 1990's and into the new millennium. Rob Poznanski of Sparrow Records said of the station when it sold in 2002, "I cannot believe your station will be gone. I love your station and the energy it has! We just weakened Christian Radio by taking your station off the air." Gonzalez created a high- energy station by going beyond expectations and Christian radio norms.

Jgonzo hopes to see this show as a way for stations to add a new high-energy element to their programming. "We want industry insiders to see The Weekend 22 as the countdown format of the future."

Jgonzo is the host of The Weekend 22, the countdown show for the CHR format.